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How Dumb Dumbya got "elected." Like the monkey said
to the elephant, "If it don't fit don't force it!" (The crown, that is.)

In 1555, Nostradamus wrote: “Come the millennium, month 12, in the home of greatest power, the village idiot will come forth to be acclaimed the leader.”

Why is it that every time a Repugnicant gets into the White House, the American economy plunges into a recession?  The answer: because the Repugnicant Party is dedicated to one aim---making the rich richer and the poor poorer. And now that the Repugnicants have succeeded in installing Dumb Dumbya in the oval office, the booming American economy has immediately headed south.

How does Dumb Dumbya propose to restore the economy?  Acting as if he won the White House by a landslide when actually more people voted against him than for him, he first wants to do the same thing President Alzheimer did: throw us into an even worse recession with legislation that enriches the rich and shifts the tax burden to the backs of the middle class.  Pay off the national debt?  Let the poor people pay it!

Why doesn’t Dumb Dumbya have a mandate?  Because he got into the White House not by the will of the people but by typical Repugnicant guile and obfuscation, by the corruption of his kid brother (the governor of Florida) and by the treasonous treachery of the five injustices who rule the Supreme Court by trampling all over our Constitution like the dinosaurs they are.

Meanwhile, Dumb Dumbya continues to be hailed by the so-called “liberal press,” which is not liberal at all but which is owned, operated and controlled by the Repugnicants, who choose to mislabel the media as “liberal” when it suits their purpose.  But then the Repugnicants are accustomed to calling black white and white black whenever they choose.

For example: if the press is so “liberal,” then why does it continue to prolong the “scandals”

Was there as much of a furor when Papa Bush pardoned the guilty Weinberger to save his own guilty ass?  No!

of President Clinton, who gave the American economy its biggest and longest boom in history.  How did he do it?  By paying off the national debt and lowering interest rates.  Did the press carry on like this when Dumb Dumbya’s papa pardoned Casper Weinberger? No!

Every American president has used his pardon powers to repay political favors.  But Dumb Dumbya’s papa, who maims the English language with almost the same kind of imprecision as his son, wasn’t repaying a political favor by pardoning the eminently guilty Weinberger.  He pardoned the eminently guilty Weinberger to save his own eminently guilty ass.  Because by pardoning the eminently guilty Weinberger, Papa Bush succeeded in precluding an investigation that would have nailed him for his own involvement in the Iran-Contragate scandal.  Which was not only highly illegal, it was treasonous.

As former President Clinton pointed out in his explanation printed in the New York Times, the crime for which he pardoned financier Marc Rich is today more likely to be considered a civil rather than a criminal offense. Rich fled the country because he was being hounded by the infamous Benito Giuliani, who afterwards, as dictator of New York City, made the buses run on time and cleaned the streets of the squeegee bums. But at that time, Benito was the overzealous U.S. prosecutor who was after Marc Rich’s ass.  As everyone knows, a prosecutor has to be a mean-spirited prick even to want to be a prosecutor. Anyway, it seems to be a requirement that all Repugnicants be mean-spirited.  Besides, it’s often said that a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich if he wants to.  Prosecutorial abuse seems to be an occupational hazard that goes along with the job.

And sure, then-President Clinton pardoned some Hasidic scoundrels in exchange for votes for his wife, but that’s politics.  Almost every President before Clinton has used his pardoning powers for political gain. The United States Constitution gives the President the irrevocable power to pardon whomever he likes for whatever whim or reason or lack of reason that strikes his fancy.  His pardoning powers are non-reviewable.  He doesn’t have to give any explanation as Bill Clinton has been bullied into doing by the Repugnicant clamor and the outrage of the “liberal” press.  Many Presidents before Clinton have pardoned without explanation and according to whim, just as governors of states have done.

Whom else is a President going to pardon but someone who has been accused or convicted of breaking the law?  Almost every President has pardoned accused or convicted felons, so why all the fuss now?  Could it be that the same vague and amorphous right-wing conspiracy that put Dumb Dumbya in the White House is trying to undermine any possibility that Hillary Clinton herself might run for President some day?  Sure, Marc Rich was also accused of trading with the enemy but so was Dumb Dumbya’s grandpa during World War II.

And look who’s trying hardest to demonize Clinton but two of the most repugnant Repugnicant demons, the same pricks who tried to impeach Clinton for “immorality”---  Rep. Burton, who is rumored to have fathered a child out of wedlock and Rep. Barr, who can’t stay married to the same woman for the life of his hypocritical ass.

So, when Papa Bush pardoned Casper, did the so-called “liberal” press create the same kind of furor that the so-called “liberal” press is generating about the Clinton pardons? No!  The so-called “liberal" press was quick to hush up about the Weinberger pardon because its Repugnicant masters wanted it hushed up.  And if the media is so “liberal,” then how come there are so many neo-fascist Rush Limbaughs, John McLaughlins and Oliver Norths hosting radio talk shows and TV public affairs programs?  And so few real liberals? And, by the way, how did Iran-Contra culprit North get off without spending time behind bars?  He wasn’t guilty of income tax evasion, he merely committed treason.

The evangelist-loving denizens of Southern and Midwestern trailer Parks like getting their hatreds stirred up by these radio and TV hosts.  I heard one typical Repugnicant imbecile tell a TV talk show host that she wouldn’t be satisfied until Bill and Hillary Clinton are behind bars. On the same program, another typical Repugnicant imbecile said Dumb Dumbya didn’t have to get elected because he was put into the White House by God.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s God who has an alliance with the Repugnicant Party so much as the Devil.  To me, the Repugnicant Party is nothing but an agent of The Big Evil Satan.  Not that the spineless Democrats are any less sleazy. That allegedly liberal Democrat, Senator Charles Schumer, for instance, has gone out of his way to criticize the Clinton pardons when Schumer’s own past is darkened by a little shadiness.  The Village Voice of December 17-23, 1980, for instance, features an exposé revealing how the then 29-year-old New York State Assemblyman Schumer, at that time head of the Legislative Committee on Oversight and Investigation, pressed committee staff members into service in his re-election campaign at taxpayer expense.

Although I confess to being named after Al Smith, the Democrat who lost the 1928 Presidential race to Herbert Hoover (who promptly got the U.S. into its worst economic Depression in history), I am not a Democrat so much as I am an anti-Repugnicant.  I’m also against the Repugnicant alliance with greed and the Devil.  ##



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