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An Open Letter to the CIA:
(Tone-Poem, 3:00am)


    [This essay is from the unpublished Essential preMortem: Fugitive Writings of Todd   Brendan Fahey] 

 As we are past the point of no return, and as your Intelligence has failed to ensnare me, Leary-style, this seems as good a time as any for to ask of you the following human questions:

1) Why is it necessary to keep secrets? What is there, Out There, which you do not wish for the Rest Of Us to know?; i.e., with your multi-billion-dollar history, and what with all that fancy hardware (HAARP-High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program; Chief White House advisor on weather modification, Captain Howard T. Orville, clear back to 1958, said the US Gubm't was studying "ways to manipulate the charges of the Earth and sky and so affect the weather by using an electronic beam to ionise or de-ionise the atmosphere over a given area," the tech. of which, no doubt, having been stolen from the vaults
of Nicola Tesla, who, with no known heirs, left his fortune "intestate," &, therefore, at the disposal of the U.S. Gumb't, to be pilfered through, all that genius put to nefarious ends) and choice chemicals (LSD, MDA, DBZ, IT-290) you've had at your disposal with taxpayers' monies (Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, late-Director of the Technical Services Division of MK-Ultra, turned on an entire generation of young people, myself included, to Drugs)...what is it that you've found, that is of such frightening proportions the Rest Of Us should be kept from understanding?

Bill Clinton was one of those day-trippers, at Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar; 33rd-degree Illuminated Mason), as was Lee Harvey Oswald (MK-Ultra guinea pig, Atsugi Marines Base, Japan)--some say John Hinckley was another of your white-out zombie projects (Hinkley's father having been a WorldVision executive, out-front CIA front, & friends with Nixon plumber & CIA man E. Howard Hunt); and Mark David Chapman, the nut who offed John Lennon (dissociative state; programmed; found reading A Catcher in the Rye, which is code of some type I've yet to understand, beyond the fact that dear reclusive J.D. Salinger was, himself, also a CIA boy, but he ain't talking, wonder why?), seems real convenient, too.

And what of John Sidney McCain?--what did go down at the Hanoi Hilton which makes the good Senator so invaluable to you? I know that you know who he really is; but the American public hasn't a clue--what you've programmed him for--where he was to take our country and Constitution, over the next four or eight  years...lucky for US, he gets a little itchy when upset, which he usually is, a trait that is hard to hide on Live-TV, seems Joe Q. Public--not so stupid--picked up on his tics and made visceral/sniff-test assessment of what that icky-ick instinct of his might be, in terms of The Button, in a Crisis Situation. [Note: McCain's own mother and sister have attested, in numerous TV and print interviews, that they were forced to toss little Johnny
into a tub of ice, to subdue him amidst temper tantrums, such was the force of his mania.]

You've set yourself up nicely, this time, I must say. With George W. Bush (33rd-degree Illuminated Mason; Order of Skull & Bones, Chapter 322, Yale University; Trilateral Commission; cozy with George Schultz & Brent Scowcroft & the rest of the NWO-boys) and McCain being #1 and #2 for the Imperial Throne. No one can question your foresight, your planning, your resolve.

But what is it that you're planning to do with Us, in the future? What, at any rate, that you do not think we could manage to accomplish for ourselves?

I don't have children (thankfully, probably), but I am concerned for them, nonetheless--as a teacher, an educator, a man wishing healthy competition and much joy and love between all. A world where there would be no reason for secrets (beyond a father's healthy counsel, that we may learn of these things when we are old enough).

We are old enough.

So, please, dear Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, and to Whom you answer, tell us what went down in Dallas in 1963 (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, being also an LSD-enthusiast--friend of Dr. Feelgood, Max Jacobsen, the defrocked physician who injected regularly Our President with concoctions of amphetamine and psychedelics--and who, whilst having affairs fairly simultaneously with Judith Exner, erstwhile gal-pal of Mafia boss Sam Giancana, and Marilyn Monroe, claimed to at least one associate that he "got depressed unless he got `a strange piece of ass every day'"); and of the connection between John Sidney McCain and George W. Bush?

Congressman Lawrence Patton MacDonald, D-GA, then-Chairman of the John Birch Society, was onto your plans, was heavy into State Department files, through a clandestine computer operation rivaling that of your Own skunk-works, and was ready to blow the lid off the Master Conspiracy on the floor of the House of Representatives, when you took him out, using Soviet MiGs, in 1983, anyone remember KAL flight 007?, I do.

Or, might I ask, Who Are You? (to keep from us these things) 

And to the American people: Who Are You? (to put up with a government that lies and seeks to enslave)

And of us all: What is it that we wish for tomorrow, upon rising? More war games? (John McCain) and surrendering of our Constitutional privileges? (George W. Bush; Al Gore, controllable, dirty like seven chickens with Chinese communist government influence; Bill Bradley (nice man, seemingly, but 33rd-degree Illuminated Mason, Rhodes Scholar, pink as hell already))

And what are you to do with a lone nut like me? (in this Internet age, with 400,000 Web-hits/daily)

All best wishes,

Todd Brendan Fahey
author, Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel (Far Gone Books, 1996)
Ph.D. candidate, American Literature, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Master's degree, Professional Writing, University of Southern California
former strategist, Congressman John B. Conlan (R-AZ), Governor Evan Mecham (R-AZ), & the John Birch Society

P.S. Think about it ("Think for yourself and question authority"--Timothy Leary; like human nature, itself, another of your projects you couldn't quite control).  ##


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