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It's finally started to dawn on Democrats here that Grand Inquisitor Starr had no legal right to start peeking through White House keyholes. All I can say is what took the dawn so long to dawn?

It's basic law that a prosecutor must have "probable cause" in order to become a peeping tom and the Grand Inquisitor's "probable cause" was tainted. Only Hitlers, kings and other autocrats can trump up accusations based on unlawful evidence. Our Constitution mandates that judges disallow any evidence obtained illegally, but judges appointed by Republican Presidents Reagan and Bush told the Grand Inquisitor:

"Sure! Go ahead. Start peeking through White House keyholes."

In other words, the Republican Party is not so much a party as it is a conspiracy trying to remove Democrats from office, in his case the highest in the land. And so not a peep went up as Grand Inquisitor Starr (sometimes derided as "Inspector Shithound") launched his Sexual McCarthyism. On the basis of tainted evidence, Linda the Rat's illegal recordings of her phone conversations with Monica the Mouth, Inspector Shithound set out to get the President impeached.

And this great awakening on the part of the Democrats is happening at the same time that the Grand Inquisitor is letting it be known he's starting to look into the probability that Linda the Rat doctored the tapes.

Which isn't the only thing coming out about Linda the Rat's role in this whole affair. In collusion with Madam Goldfinger, once paid to spy for Republicans and currently professing to be a literary agent, Linda cooked up a plan to make big bucks with a book based on her illegally gotten tapes.

She also tried to fatten the kitty by joining with Long Nosed Paula's right-wing lawyers, funded by an ultra group of Christian fundamentalist Clinton-haters. The Democrats want to sniff out some collusion between them, Linda the Rat and the Grand Inquisitor, too, all of whom have common cause in Linda the Rat's illegal tapes. As for Linda, it turns out she's the one who told Monica to save her cum-stained dress for "evidence." Not only that, but she also tried to manipulate the Mouth into behavior designed to strengthen a case against the President and trap him into perjury. A Maryland Grand Jury is still considering the indictment of Linda the Rat for her criminal taping.

All too few people share a clear vision of what's really at the bottom of the impeachment movement, which is that the Christian Far Right is making a determined move for more power. These loonies, representing a tiny minority in this country, are hell-bent to take over and impose their beliefs on the rest of us. They claim to represent God but they really represent the Devil. As the THE BLACKLISTED JOURNALIST has so often said, you can't beat the Devil but you've got to keep him at bay.

The Christian Far Right is taking over our school boards, our town councils, our state governments and they want the Presidency. They've already taken over the Republican Party, which has fallen into the hands of a gang of Right-Wing Southerners who share an

How many mistresses does
Toupee Trent have in his Harem,
if he can still get it up?

agenda with the Christian Far Right. What the Republican Party and the Christian Far Right really represent is creeping Neo-Fascism.

Lizard Newt of Georgia, the House Speaker, who has himself survived a messy divorce to ultimately perjure himself on many an occasion before his constituents, the American people and the House Ethics Committee, has already been reported day-dreaming that if they can impeach Clinton, they can also impeach Gore. That would leave the Lizard President. After all, the Constitution says he's third in line. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Toupee Trent of Deep South Mississippi, probably the most oily and sanctimonious of GOP obfuscators, keeps lowering himself and the criteria necessary for impeachment. Now he says that undefined "bad conduct" is grounds for kicking out the President. And how many mistresses does Toupee Trent have in his Harem, if he can still get it up?

Those on the left have got to stop kicking themselves in the balls and shooting themselves in the feet with their squabbling and their internecine warfare. They've got to unite to keep the Devil at bay. They've got to mobilize for the coming Congressional elections. A vote for a third party is as good as a vote for the Republicans, unless the third-party candidate really stands a chance. Worse yet, don't vote and you've cast a ballot for a Republican! America has got to kick the Republicans out of Congress! ##



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